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Proven Health Alternatives with Dr. Deanna Minich

Join me and special guest Deanna Minich, PhD in my third episode of #ProvenHealthAlternatives Great discussions regarding the food rainbow, detoxification and much more!

Posted by Dr. Robert Silverman on Thursday, August 30, 2018

How Colour Affects Our Health | The Functional Health Podcast | 03.2019

Eat The Rainbow And Influence Your Genes | Love and Guts Podcast | 02.2019

Detox without Deprivation |The Goop Podcast | 01.2019

New Frontiers in Functional Medicine with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald | Episode 55: Plant Medicine, Photonutrients, and the Health Benefits of Eating a Rainbow with Dr. Deanna Minich | 01.2019

The Broken Brain Podcast with Mark Hyman, MD | Episode Four with Dr. Deanna Minich  | 05.2018

Heartfulness Webinar | Nourishing Your Whole Self: 7 Steps to Holistic Healing with Food  | 04.2018

Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly| The RAINBOW Diet! Eat Colorfully, Live Colorfully | 02.2018

Metagenics Institute | Scientific Understanding and Clinical Strategies for Eating Issues Related to Obesity | 12.2017

Detox Your Body & Life | Yoga Body Practice Is Everything | 10.2017

Toxins and Detoxification: Application of Nutrition and Lifestyle 

The Emotional Gut Nutrition and Lifestyle Solutions | Nutritional Therapy Association’s Annual Conference | 07.2017

#122 Creativity for Healing and Eating for Your Colour Type with Dr. Deanna Minich

Whole Detox with Dr. Deanna Minich | Women’s Wellness Collaborative | 07.27.17 | The Nourished Podcast | 07.2017



Looking Within | The Business of Health Podcast with David White | 07.2017

Dr. Deanna Minich and Kristen Ottaway on Vitamins and Ethical Omnivores Low Carb Conversations | 6.20.2017

The Detox Path of Deep Nourishment with Dr. Deanna Minich | Yogahealer | 9.12.2016

The Impact Color Can Have On Our Plate And Our Mojo | Mojo Radio | 8.31.2016

Whole Detox – Cleanse Your Mind, Body, and Spirit | Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age | 5.23.2016

A Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Detox | Conscious Talk Radio | 4.6.2016

Dr. Deanna Minich, In Living Colour | The Wellness Couch | 4.4.2016

Functional Nutrition and Whole-Self Health | Health Professional Radio | 3.2016

Dr. Deanna Minich Discusses Whole Detox | Beyond Your Wildest Genes | 3.16.2016

How To Do a Life Detox | The Functional Medicine Radio Show with Dr. Carrie Drzyzga | 2.22.16

Nutrition Tips to Increase Mindfulness, Meaning, and Purpose | High-Intensity Health Radio with Dr. Mike Mutzel | 2.21.16

Full-Spectrum Approach to Whole-Self Health | Health Professional Radio

Functional Medicine: Whole Detox | Health Professional Radio | 2.19.2016


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