1: My Rainbow Story

You might have heard that “food is medicine,” and it certainly is on many levels. However, maybe it’s not the only thing that heals us. One overlooked way to heal is through creativity and living a more creative, flowing life rather than one that is bottled up, emotionally stagnant, and physically stuck. Dr. Deanna tells her fascinating story of how creativity and color helped her with painful reproductive issues to bring her back into the flow of life with renewed health and vitality. Learn ways that you can live a full-spectrum life based on her finding!




  1. Julie

    Dear Deanna,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful podcast. It is amazing how your story resonates with mine. This sense of being in a box did not come from my parents, but from a very conservative community. When I was a child I loved dressing up with all sorts of colors and different types of fabrics, etc., but people at school would make fun of me, so I stopped. When I was 15 my parents, my sister and I moved to Tanzania . We were so lucky and so happy to be in an amazing international school where I could finally be who I was !

    I went from the same gynecological issues, with blocked tubes due to endometriosis . So blocked that the doctors said I wouldn’t be able to fall pregnant ….Well, I now have a beautiful baby girl named Clémentine.

    I did an art and fashion school, and I am now a nutritionist  and I was listening to your podcast will painting .

  2. Paulette

    Hi Deanna – this looks and sounds like to my entire life journey. I came across this podcast by accident even though it was in my inbox. Thank you so much for opening my consciousness around FLOW. I felt so restrictive in life, in school and at home.

    Be well and God bless!


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