29: Intermittent Resting

You’ve heard about “intermittent fasting,” or a temporary break or pulling back from eating food to allow for the body to regenerate and heal. In this podcast, I’m discussing what I’ve coined as “intermittent resting,” or the ability to get small, short bursts of less environmental inputs throughout the day, like less stress, less sounds, less information to process. We need to balance the yin with the yang, and with so many of us on yang overdrive, we need the ability to rest and digest all of what we are doing. In this podcast, I provide you with three basic tips that everyone can do to intersperse more pause in their daily life.




  1. Phillip

    Love it!
    So simple and yet profound in the depth. Keep up the great work Deanna.

  2. Candi

    Thank you for the bite sized nugget of information on intermittent resting.

    I’m a huge fan of noise reduction at the end of the day. I work in a noisy office and I cannot wait to sit in the silence of my car when I’m done working. I will sometimes continue the silence even after I’m home. I feel like it’s imperative to have! Thanks again for the reminder that I’m doing something great for my mind and my health!

  3. Lee-Anne Nel

    Thank you! This has been the first podcast/webinar/video I have listened to in months, because I had become so overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of ‘input’. I had to take a long break from social media, online training, emails, even reading the news! My resources had become so depleted that I had to STOP everything, closing my practice, as I felt that I had nothing left to give and could not bear exposure to the energies carried around by people who are constantly ‘switched on’. For me it s essential to take ‘energetic breaks’, where I remove myself from the energy fields and emotions of everyone around me. The silence of solitude and nature is a balm to my being and I am creating routines that incorporate and support both to keep me balanced.

  4. Jennifer

    Beautiful Deanna. I as you, require silence. Following any a period of busy-ness I can feel my body-mind drinking it in, as you say, the depth of it. So profoundly restorative. Reminds me of yogic teachings – there is the connection to fasting you intuited – pratyahara – withdrawal from impressions or resting the senses. This word has its root in ‘food.’ Space and silence are a kind of nourishment to me.
    Moving forward I will attempt to lengthen my fasting window from sound, at either end of the day. Waiting longer in the morning before heading to the laptop and moving away from it earlier in preparation for sleep. My tea break equivalent would be to open the patio doors to the garden and take a pause in the fresh air, sitting and breathing for a moment or two.
    Thank you so much.


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