38: Healing the Gut with Diversity

Miguel Toribio-Mateas feels like a kindred spirit. I don’t say that about too many people, but it’s rather rare that I meet fellow scientists who have a practical, artistic view into life. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to this discussion as it unfolds. We seemed to move easily between the high-level science and feet-on-the-ground practical application. Miguel is from Spain, but lives in London, where he is an experienced nutrition practitioner (BSc Hons Nutritional Medicine) and clinical neuroscientist (MSc) with 10 years’ clinical experience following a functional/lifestyle medicine approach. In 2016, Miguel was awarded a prestigious Santander Bank Universities Work-Based Learning Scholarship for doctoral research on the impact of nutrition on brain health with a focus on the relationship between gut microbiota and cognitive function at the School of Health and Education of Middlesex University in London. Miguel is particularly interested in the translation of science findings to clinical practice, and on gathering of real-world data such as patient-generated outcomes or “subjective measures of wellbeing” that arise out of consultations with nutrition practitioners. Miguel is also the Chair of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT). You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as @miguelmateas.



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  1. Zoe Paiva

    Excellent pod cast! Lots of great information which can be implemented.


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